Posted on 16/11/2018 via Bosch Home Appliances UK

What makes the best Dishwasher?

Choosing a new dishwasher can be a difficult choice; there are so many features and technological options, but are they really what you need?

At Bosch, we want to make our appliances useful yet simple-to-operate for our customers.

This is why we conducted an online poll of dishwasher users asking what are the most important things they would like to see improved about their next Dishwasher.


32% – Make it dry more efficiently

25% – Make the cycle shorter

20% – Make the final results cleaner

16% – Make it easier to load

7% – Make it quieter

Make it dry more efficiently – 32%

The top request is that their dishwasher was better at drying. After all, nobody likes lifting their plates and bowls out of the appliance only to find they still need a quick wipe down. Even more annoying is plastic in a dishwasher – it never seems to get dry!

So what is Bosch doing to help out here?

The answer lies in a special mineral called Zeolith which is at the core of Bosch’s Perfect Dry system. This is Bosch’s secret weapon against damp dishes and even lets your plastic plates dry out with ease.

Zeolith is a natural substance that gives off heat when it gets wet, so as your wash finishes and the water drains out of the appliance it activates the Zeolith granules.

These give off heat which naturally dries up all of the moisture left inside the appliance without the need for additional electricity – so Perfect Dry even saves you money in the long run.

Learn more about Perfect Dry dishwashers

Make the cycle shorter – 25%

We’ve all had those moments where the dinner is cooking and you’ve discovered that someone forgot to put the dishwasher on and all the plates are still dirty.

No problem with VarioSpeed and VarioSpeed Plus.

These are superfast wash programmes designed to get your dishes clean in next to no time. Simply push a button to activate VarioSpeed and your plates will be clean in up to 66% of the time, still with the usual high cleaning efficiency you would expect from a Bosch dishwasher.

Make the final results cleaner – 20%

There’s one thing everyone wants a dishwasher to do: get things clean! The main reason people buy dishwashers is to save themselves time and effort doing the washing up, so it’s no good if everything still needs to be rinsed off when the cycle finishes because the programme wasn’t quite right.

You’ve got no worries about dirty plates because of choosing the wrong program with the Bosch AquaSensor in your dishwasher.

This clever bit of technology keeps an eye on the water coming out of your appliance, measuring the level of food particles, grease and detergent. It then automatically makes adjustments to the programme length and temperature to ensure everything comes out sparkling clean and good as new.

Make it easier to load – 16%

Loading and unloading the dishwasher isn’t anyone’s favourite job, so let’s make it as easy as possible.

Bosch dishwashers are available with a number of easy loading options.

For example, built-in dishwashers with OpenAssist just require a simple touch to gently open the door. Not only does this give you the benefit of a seamless, handle-free design, but it’s also extremely helpful for people who have difficulty opening traditional dishwashers.

Adjustable shelves give you the ability to set up your dishwasher to the exact load you’re cleaning. Bosch call this their Rackmatic system.

How about getting rid of that cutlery basket to make room for extra plates and pans in the bottom drawer? Where does the cutlery go?

Simple – a new narrow cutlery drawer at the top of the dishwasher. So much easier to load and unload, and due to each item being seperated they all get cleaned fully and evenly.

Make it quieter – 7%

There’s no point in having guests if the after-dinner conversation is drowned out by the dishwasher.

All Bosch home appliances are well sound insulated and feature precision design to keep sound levels as low as possible.

Appliances with SuperSilence operate at a volume level of 40-45 dB, which is easily quiet enough not to disturb conversation.