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Like a Pro

Tools for ambitious chefs

Choosing the right kitchen equipment is one important part when it comes to cooking and baking. No matter if steaming, slow-cooking or seasoning: the right equipment gives you the power to make the kitchen a place of self-fulfillment.

Bread knife, santoku knife and chef’s knife
The crumb maker, the samurai and the worker

1. With its serrated blade, the bread knife cuts through the hardest crusts. Whether you want wafer-thin slices for melba toast, or chunky doorsteps for a bacon sandwich, this will do you proud.
2. The santoku knife originated in Japan. It’s name means “Three Virtues”, so it’s no surprise the knife is ideal for fish, meat and vegetables.
3. The chef’s knife is exactly what it sounds like: the chef’s most important knife. Originally designed for cutting large joints of beef, it’s suited for cutting both meat and vegetables.

Utility knife, paring knife and mezzaluna
The all-rounder, the specialist and the chopper

1. Due to its long and thin blade, the utility knife allows very precise and clean cuts. Slightly smaller than the Chef’s Knife, this is very manouverable and useful for many jobs.
2. The paring knife is an all-rounder and perfect for all kitchen tasks that need precision. Perfect for carving veg into your chosen shape, trimming prawns and any fiddly tasks the bigger knives are too unweildy for.
3. The sharp, slightly curved chopping knife makes the fast chopping of herbs an easy task. You can chop entire bunches of corriander or parsley in mere seconds, but careful of your fingers!

Sharpening steel, kitchen scissors
The blunt sharpener and the double trouble

1. The sharpening steel is the perfect tool to sustain the cutting quality of knives. Read the instructions carefuly before using this so you can achieve the perfect finish.
2. And a pair of good kitchen scissors is an important part of every kitchen. You may want a couple of pairs – a more refined set for smaller jobs such as cutting bunches of herbs, and a hefty pair that can cut through meat bones with ease.

Spatula, silicon brush, whisk
The softy, the gentle one and the egghead

1. By using a spatula, getting any kind of mix or dough out of bowls or pots is a piece of cake. This is one of the most useful pieces of kitchen kit you can have.
2. Having a modern kitchen means having a silicon brush. Perfect for basting meal, or brushing beaten egg, milk or water over the top of pastry or bread for a beautiful glaze.
3. And with a whisk you can stir everything up. From beating eggs or whipping up whites, these are a baker’s number one friend.

Hand mixer and kitchen machine
The stirrer and the all-rounder

1. The kitchen machine is a multipurpose helper for all kinds of kitchen work. From mixing cakes through to chopping veg and so much more, this is more than just a food mixer.
2. Operating on different speed levels, the hand mixer can deal with every matter. Great for whipping cream, beating eggs, and quick and easy to clean.

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Scale and measuring jug
The nitpicker and the moderator

1. Doesn’t matter if for cooking or baking: A digital scale helps every cook to find the right measurement. If you’re planning on baking, getting your measurements right is essential for good results.
2. Also helpful for the right measurement is a measuring jug – or even several ones in different sizes. And these are perfect for storing left over sauces or even iced tea and coffee.

Hand blender, peeler and garlic press
The shredder, the appealer and the savior

1. Soups, cocktails, smoothies – the hand blender makes life in the kitchen easier in so many ways. These can blend fruit and ice-cream into a delicious drink in moments.
2. The peeler peels fruit and vegetables like a champion. Not just for carrots and potatos, you can even use these to get thin slivers of parmisan cheese.
3. And with the garlic press you keep the garlic smell off your hands and also press unpeeled cloves of garlic. Perfect for beautiful garlic butter to top a steak with.

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Grater, pasta maker and kitchen tongs
The rough one, the Italian and the attention grabber

1. For grating potatoes, cheese or any sorts of vegetables, a grater is a must-have in every kitchen. Perfect colslaw, hash browns, cheese on toast, and so much more
2. With a pasta maker you can make all sorts of pasta from noodles over stuffed pasta up to the classic spaghetti. It takes a little time to learn the knack, but once you do you’ll never turn back.
3. And the kitchen tongs can be used for almost anything – even as pasta tongs and spatula all at once. Turning meat under the grill, grabbing pasta from the water to see if its done, so useful.

Casserole dish, meat thermometer and kitchen blow torch
The even-tempered, the hottie and the hellblazer

1. Take your time and enjoy the comfortable preparation of Lasagna or any sort of casserole in a casserole dish. These can also double as useful roasting and baking trays.
2. A meat thermometer is an indispensable utensil for the gently cooking of fish and meat. It’s so much easier to know when your meat is perfectly cooked, and these can be used on food cooked in the oven or on the hob.
3. And a kitchen blow torch is essential for creating that amazing crisp sugar crust on Crème Brûlée or other desserts. The professional chef’s little secret helper, these can give a restaurant quality finish to your dinner party.