Posted on 22/06/2018 via Bosch Home Appliances UK

Like a pro: Avoiding glass corrosion

Special moments are often associated with a good glass of wine, surrounded by friends or family and taking the time to enjoy life. To round off your evening wine perfectly, with perfect glasses, Bosch dishwashers take extra special care of them. However, often washed, your glasses may become cloudy. One clouding effect is caused by glass corrosion. Glass corrosion is a form of damage to the glass that cannot be reversed. It is caused by the washing-away of the surface of the glass. Poor glass quality, extremely soft water in the dishwasher, as well as high temperatures and long program cycles are critical factors in the occurrence of glass corrosion. Read the following tips to help you to prevent corrosion to your glasses.


Give your precious glasses secure hold.

Take extra care of your delicate wine glasses: Long-stemmed glasses are held securely in place with our specially developed Glass Secure Tray which gives your delicate glasses extra hold and the highest attainable protection for your crystal glasses. By fixing your glasses and loading the dishwasher properly, you can avoid dishes or glasses tumbling over during the washing cycle and breaking.

Learn more about the Glass Secure Tray here.


Measure the hardness of your water.

When it comes to taking care of delicate glasses and avoiding glass corrosion, the level of water hardness is an important factor: If the water is too soft, mineral nutrients from the surface of the glasses will dissolve. You can check the website of your water providor to find out the general water hardness in your area. Alternatively. you can find out the exact level in your house if you use test-stripes from Bosch. This allows you to select the correct descaling setting for your dishwasher and protects your glasses from low pH levels.


Make your glasses shine with rinse aid.

Your Bosch dishwasher adds a rinse aid during the last rinse of a standard cycle. This reduces the surface tension of the rinse water and ensures not only that water drains optimally from your glasses for brilliant and spotless drying results, but also neutralises soap residue and prevents deposits of lime scale.


Prevent your delicate glasses from cracking.

To prevent your precious glasses from cracking, clean them softly and gently with the program delicate 40°. This way, you ensure optimal care and protection and perfectly hygienic results at a low temperature, at just the touch of a button – to enjoy a lot more nice evenings with your friends or family.