Posted on 19/09/2018 via Bosch Home Appliances UK
Like a pro

Organizing your fridge

Every now and then your fridge might need a little makeover. Certain foods keep better in certain areas - yes, there are indeed places in the fridge where eggs feel especially comfortable. With our guide to "Organizing your fridge like a pro" you can become a real professional when it comes to giving your favourite dishes the perfect place in the fridge and keep them fresh even longer.

Upper shelf: The 5 to 8 degree compartment
Baked items with a high milk content such as cupcakes should be kept in the upper section of the fridge. Also smoked fish and smoked meat do not need to be stored at such a low temperature and should be kept in the upper section of the fridge.

Middle shelf: Give me 5°!
Cheese and cream cheese are best kept in the middle of the fridge. Our tip: Take cheese out of the fridge 30 minutes before eating so it can develop a perfect flavour and aroma. They’re not food, but some experts also say that lithium-ion batteries keep their charge for longer if they are kept in the fridge.

Lower shelf: Almost sub-zero
Jars that have already been opened are best placed in the bottom compartment. Also yoghurt and cream like to be kept cool, so they are best kept in the bottom compartment of the fridge. Leftovers should be kept in the fridge, and the best place to keep them is the bottom compartment since this is where the temperature is lowest.

Humidity drawer: Home for fruit and veggies
Fruit and vegetables continue to live even after being harvested. Correct storage ensures that the nutrients are preserved, especially vitamins. The Bosch VitaFresh Box preserves important vitamins and minerals for much longer.

Learn more about Bosch VitaFresh here.

Fresh food drawer: fresh, fresher, fresh food drawer
Fresh meat and fish should be kept in the very cold meat drawer at the bottom of the fridge. The VitaFresh smart technology keeps your food at the perfect temperature.

Freezer: No frost with NoFrost
A large freezer compartment guarantees freshly harvested fruit and vegetables all year round. The Big Box even gives you space for extra large or long items. Bosch’s ingenious air recirculation system NoFrost gets rid of humidity from the freezer: this prevents a layer of ice from forming.

Bottle rack: At the bar
Milk is best kept in the fridge door – preferably at the back, since this is where the temperature is most constant. Other drinks such as juices or wine can also be kept in the fridge’s bottle compartment.

Middle door rack: The jam session
The central door compartment is the place to keep dressings, jams, ketchup and mustard. Eggs can be stored either in the fridge door or in the bottom fridge compartment.

Upper door rack: On the top
Butter should be kept in the upper door compartment as this ensures it stays cool while remaining easy to spread.