Posted on 12/07/2018 via Bosch Home Appliances UK
Smart Home

Say hello to your new smart assistant

Home Connect lets you control your smart appliances intelligently. But there’s more to it than that. With Home Connect, you have access to a unique network of partners who provide innovative solutions for easier living. Take Amazon Alexa – our smart partner for voice-activated experiences in the home.


What is Amazon Alexa?

Amazon Alexa is one of the world’s most efficient virtual assistants for your living space. Featuring the latest voice-recognition technology, Alexa lets you operate all your connected appliances by uttering a few chosen words or phrases. Activated via an Amazon Echo or the smaller Dot mobile speaker, both devices work with the free Alexa app and Alexa Skills. Simply connect to Alexa from within your Home Connect account, then get ready to multitask – just by using your voice.

Currently, Amazon Alexa has approximately 15,000 Skills across all services, but that number is growing all the time. Skills are phrases or words used to address Alexa with your queries or requests regarding all kinds of appliances, including Home Connect. Just browse the range of Home Connect Skills to experience the kind of technology that puts you first.

Speaking your mind to Alexa

There’s no end of ways Alexa can help streamline daily chores or make downtime more relaxing. Here’s how Alexa helps enhance your daily routine.


Laundry support

Imagine the washing machine is in the basement and you live on the 3rd floor. Simply ask, “Alexa, when is the washing machine ready?” to avoid a wasted journey.

Download Alexa Skill for dryers with Home Connect


Clean plates

Activate the dishwasher from the living room by asking “Alexa, start Home Connect dishwasher and use Eco 50” to coincide with Sunday lunch being done.

Download Alexa Skill for dishwashers with Home Connect


Perfectly cooked meals

When you ask “Alexa, when will my dinner be ready?” you’ll receive a real-time status update.

Download Alexa Skill for ovens with Home Connect

Watch how Alexa and Home Connect work together: