Posted on 19/09/2018 via Bosch Home Appliances UK
Cooking for Christmas

Festive Christmas Torte Recipe

Christmas just wouldn’t be complete without a delicious festive Christmas torte – made according to her tried-and-tested, traditional recipe, of course. The sweet buttercream, marzipan and almonds give it a particularly festive touch that’s sure to brighten up those cold winter evenings. It’s definitely worth a try!


For the batter:
7 eggs
210 g sugar
1 tsp baking powder
5 tbsp water
200 g flour
50 g ground almonds

For the filling:
400 ml milk
200 g sugar
1 sachet vanilla sugar
1 ½ sachets custard powder
250 g butter
250 g mascarpone
a drop of almond extract
or a dash of rum to taste
1 jar apricot jam

For the glaze:
200 g marzipan
30 g icing sugar
200 g dark cooking
50 g ground almonds
+ pistachios and red
currants to decorate

1. To make the batter, beat the eggs with the sugar in the OptiMUM mixing bowl until fluffy. Dissolve
the baking powder in water and fold into the mixture. Beat a little more and fold in the flour with
the almonds.

2. Line the cake tin (28 cm) with baking parchment and pour the batter into it. Bake at 200 degrees
(fan) for 20–25 minutes and leave to cool.

3. To make the mascarpone buttercream filling using milk, sugar, vanilla sugar and custard powder,
cook the custard according to the instructions on the packaging and leave to cool. Beat the cold
custard using the OptiMUM . Add the soft butter, continue to beat and fold in the mascarpone
until the mixture is perfectly smooth. Add a drop of almond extract or a dash of rum to taste. Put
the filling to one side.

4. Remove the baking parchment from the cake and cut horizontally through the centre of the cake.
Top one half with jam, before spreading on some of the cream filling. Place the second half of the
cake on top and repeat this process.

5. Vigorously knead the marzipan with your hands until it becomes pliable. Sprinkle the worktop with
icing sugar. Roll out the marzipan with a rolling pin and cover the entire cake with it.

6. Allow the cooking chocolate to melt in a bowl over hot water and pour the runny chocolate onto
the cake and over its edges. Cover the sides with ground almonds.

7. Cut out stars from the leftover marzipan and put them on the cake for decoration. Decorate with
pistachios and red currants as desired.