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A smart recipe for success

We’ve all been there: incorrectly guessing the time or temperature required for a certain dish and spoiling a much-anticipated meal. Luckily, flawless cooking is now possible thanks to myTaste. Partnering with Home Connect, the myTaste app easily syncs with your smart oven to automatically set the right temperature and time to ensure the results. Saving effort and food waste, the app also doubles as a digital cookbook that lets you save culinary successes or share your personal recipes with a growing myTaste community. Ready to get your cook on?


Your partner has loved Vietnamese food ever since you holidayed there two years ago. Create a surprise anniversary feast from scratch by loading the app on your tablet and pre-programming each course via your Bosch smart oven. It’ll be ready to enjoy right when they walk in the door.


After years of failed cooking attempts, you learn about myTaste through a friend’s Facebook feed and decide to download the app. Step-by-step guidance and a vast range of dishes inspire you to start cooking an Indian saag aloo dish uploaded by a food blogger in Mumbai. Your oven is set on the right heat and time for the saag aloo to be ready when your friends arrive.


Socialising the cooking experience

Now you’ve got your oven working harder and your kitchen confidence up, why not start building your myTaste profile so you can start swapping and sharing recipes with a growing global community? There’s so much culinary inspiration to discover. Who knows, your recipe might even reach the myTaste top ten!

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